Life Smells Great Again.

use our odor treatment equipment to take the bothersome smells out of your life!

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Have No Fear…

Envirozone machines are the workhorses restoration companies rely on to make “life smell great again” and to make your restoration project complete.

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Ozone Treatment

We are the industry standard in Ozone Treatment Technology. Please read more about our amazing products in the link below.

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One of the biggest issues home owners and businesses have to tackle is mold and mildew. Anywhere there is a damp, moist environment it is the . . .

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chemical free ozone

Our patented UV Ozone generating system is totally chemical free. There are no harmful by-products produced by the Ozone as it reacts with the airborne . . .

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There are many products on the market today, chemical, electronic and natural that are designed to tackle odours and sanitize the air but none of . . .

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easy to use

Envirozone has made it easy to use our machines. There are no complicated hook-ups, the instructions for the room preparation and machine operation . . .

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ozone treatment

Envirozone Ozone generators will work anywhere, in spaces big or small. There are a wide range of machines designed specifically for areas from airing . . .

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environmentally friendly

Because Envirozone UV Ozone generators produce a naturally occurring molecule they have a zero impact on the environment. Oxygen from the air is converted . . .

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About Us

EnvirOzone is an industry leading manufacturer of precision high-quality germicidal and Ozone generators designed to clean inside air where we work, live and play.

Since 1987, we have manufactured superior air and surface germicidal equipment. We are industry leaders in Research and Development and have refined our product for all types of applications. At Envirozone/CVR we have our state of the art industrial complex, with over 30,000 square feet housing manufacturing, research and development and production facilities.

Envirozone utilizes 10th generation proprietary lamps, manufactured in USA, in all our UV machines. generating very clean (99.9% pure) Ozone. The Ozone air generated by our machines is the purest compared to any other UV lamp or Corona type generator manufacturer of home and industrial machines.

Ozone to Germicidal,

& Combo Options too!


Fire? Water? Mold? Odours?

Our Envirozone products are your first choice in restoring air quality to damaged rooms or buildings.


Our trailers move lots of things and we have a hard time getting rid of some smells. Since using the Envirozone machine we have had excellent results in removing strong paint smells/VOC and other odours.


Our Used Auto sales are driven by us providing our customers with used vehicles they want to own. People don’t want cars that smell bad. We needed something that could give us high-performing cleansing that could remove all types of strong odors inside used vehicles quickly and leave the car with a clear natural smell.…

Honda Way

We purchased 2 heavy-duty and 3 light-duty units for our rentals business. We looked at other machines but we chose the Envirozone products because they are extremely well built, very low maintenance and deliver superb high-performance results. An excellent ROI!

EZE Rentals

Envirozone generators remove all types of strong odors and mildew from our building. We use it for our work areas in the back, storage and also for our guest rooms as it works really well, leaving a very natural clean smell. In our business, everyone should have this.

Radisson Hotel Coquitlam