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Our commitment to you, our customer, is to manufacture the highest quality air and surface germicidal products possible,providing us all with a better place to work, live and relax in.

Committed to Quality

EnvirOzone is an industry leading manufacturer of precision high-quality germicidal and Ozone generators designed to clean inside air where we work, live and play. Since 1987, we have manufactured superior air and surface germicidal equipment. We are industry leaders in Research and Development and have refined our product for all types of applications. At Envirozone/CVR we have our state of the art industrial complex,with over 30,000 square feet housing manufacturing, research and development and production facilities. Envirozone utilizes 10th generation proprietary lamps, manufactured in USA,in all our UV machines. generating very clean (99.9% pure) Ozone.The Ozone air generated by our machines is the purest compared to any other UV lamp or Corona type generator manufacturer of home and industrial machines. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality Canadian made air germicidal and Ozone generators, incorporating the best North American made parts with our proprietary technologies. All of our products are ULC and EPA Certified for safe, maintenance-free operation and are backed by our industry leading no-hassle 1 and 2 year warranty. Our company continuously invests in Research and Development, enabling us to provide the finest quality products with the best value for our clients now, and for many years to come. We conduct our business with honesty and integrity, and are supporters of many charitable causes within the community.

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Our trailers move lots of things and we have a hard time getting rid of some smells. Since using the Envirozone machine we have had excellent results in removing strong paint smells/VOC and other odours.

Clear Natural Smell

Our Used Auto sales are driven by us providing our customers with used vehicles they want to own. People don’t want cars that smell bad. We needed something that could give us high-performing cleansing that could remove all types of strong odors inside used vehicles quickly and leave the car with a clear natural smell.…

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