Mold and Mildew

One of the biggest issues home owners and businesses have to tackle is mold and mildew. Anywhere there is a damp, moist environment it is the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow and thrive. The hard part is getting rid of it once it settles in. Envirozone Ozone and combination Ozone and Germicidal machines are essential tools in clearing the air of lingering spores and odours.

99% Efficient

There are many products on the market today, chemical, electronic and natural that are designed to tackle odours and sanitize the air but none of them are as efficient and as effective as Envirozone Ozone and Envirozone Ozone and Germicidal products. Our Ozone generators are 99.5% efficient using patented UV bulb technology to remove lingering smells with Ozone, a naturally occurring molecule that attaches itself to odour particles and oxidizes them without producing harmful by-products.

Works Anywhere

Envirozone Ozone generators will work anywhere, in spaces big or small. There are a wide range of machines designed specifically for areas from airing cupboards and tent trailers to banquet halls and office buildings. The best part is you don’t need specialized equipment or large trailers to move and install the machines; they are small, portable and work off 110v grounded power.

Chemical Free

Our patented UV Ozone generating system is totally chemical free. There are no harmful by-products produced by the Ozone as it reacts with the airborne particles and once the treatment is complete, any residual Ozone breaks down into Oxygen within 30 minutes. Unlike Corona type UV generators that can create Nitric Acid, Envirozone UV Ozone Generators create nothing but Ozone.

Easy to Use

Envirozone has made it easy to use our machines. There are no complicated hook-ups, the instructions for the room preparation and machine operation are clear and concise and they are powered by a regular 110V grounded outlet. Their innovative design and size make them easy to place, prepare, pug in and go.

Environmentally Friendly

Because Envirozone UV Ozone generators produce a naturally occurring molecule they have a zero impact on the environment. Oxygen from the air is converted to Ozone by the patented UV lamps which removes odours and particles from the air by oxidizing them. Any unused Ozone breaks down into Oxygen within 30 minutes of the completed treatment, leaving the air cleaner and fresher without chemicals or environmental impact.