Our homes are our refuge. They are our comfort zone, our respite from the daily grind of work or school and the places we make our own. We spend the majority of our free time in their walls and we look forward to home cooked meals, family, and just being able to relax. Unfortunately, our homes can also be sources of aggravation and concern.

Our homes may become less inviting as the air quality is deteriorated by an accumulation of everyday house aromas. Foods, laundry, mildew, garbage and pets all contribute to less than ideal air quality conditions. Envirozone UV Ozone generators provide fast and effective results and, with a wide range of models to choose from, can tackle any odour problem no matter how big or small the room is.


Business and industry today is reliant on meeting deadlines and achieving goals in order to be successful and grow. They need their people to be focused, dedicated to the company and able to perform at their top levels. Companies can’t afford distractions that affect their workers or workflow.
It may seem like a small and insignificant thing, but if you are working in an environment where the air just doesn’t seem right it affects your concentration. It could just be odours coming from an unemptied garbage can or smells coming from walls or rooms. Whatever it is, it means you or your employees are not in their top form. That affects your business.

Envirozone has the solution. From small retail to large warehouses we can take care of all your odour issues quickly and effectively.


Our society today is very conscious of engaging in, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We pursue activities that challenge our strength and conditioning keeping us active both physically and mentally. We don’t let age be a barrier to exercise and participation.
We have excellent recreational facilities in our communities and we engage in personal recreational interests that may see us on the water, on the mountains or on the road in our RV’s. Whatever we do, wherever we go, some of the remnants of that activity will return with us, some good, some not so good.

If that gym bag in your front hall has now passed on it’s distinct waft to the room itself Envirozone machines can take care of that. If your last camping trip brought home more of the campfire inside your RV than you would like then our UV Ozone generators are the answer to the problem. Whatever your lifestyle, we are your odour solution.


Wherever there are people there are smells. Wherever there are large numbers of people gathered in confined spaces those smells are intensified.
We have institutions that care for our sick, house our elderly and infirm, incarcerate our criminals and educate our young. In each instance, we bring concentrations of people together so the function of the institution can be achieved. If the air isn’t clean and odour free then it becomes a greater challenge for employees to perform their duties and for them to have success in administering to the people in their care.

Keeping the air free of odours is what Envirozone UV Ozone generators do. It’s all we do and we do it better than anyone else.


If you have ever had to experience a restoration you know how draining the experience can be. Regardless of how the damage occurred you are out of your home until the work is complete, sometimes for months.
In almost every restoration case the hardest component to the work is getting rid of the smell associated with the damage. Fires create acrid smoke; the smoke penetrates everything and can’t be masked. Water promotes the growth of mold and mildew and the spores spread through the air. Wind damage usually leaves openings that small animals and rodents can get into; they make your home their home.

Envirozone UV Ozone Generators are proven workhorses in the restoration industry and are the tool of choice when it comes to ridding your home of the odours of damage.