School environments provide multiple challenges in controlling mildew, odours and maintaining air quality. Food smells from cafeterias and lunchrooms, washroom odours, classroom aromas, changerooms and the overall day to day body scents from students and teachers all contribute to a combination of aromas that challenge the senses.
Envirozone manufactures industrial rated UV Ozone generators and combination UV Ozone generators and Germicidal units specifically designed for the numerous and sometimes overpowering smells that schools can have.

The best use of Envirozone products in these circumstances is to set up the treatment areas and times in the evenings when the buildings are unoccupied and large areas can be treated with multiple machines. Treatment frequency will vary depending in the size of the area and the intensity of the odour.


Whenever you have human habitation where people are in close proximity to one another you will have biological odours that will need to be dealt with. Prisons typically will have high concentrations of people in small spaces so the need to keep the air clean and scent free is important.

Envirozone products are small and portable enough so they are highly effective in segregated building designs such as prisons. Our UV Ozone machines come in a wide range of applications from single room, small space units to industrial models for large areas and high flow through capability. Because they are UV Ozone generators they are highly efficient removing mildew, odours and particles leaving the treated areas clean and fresh.


Universities have all the same challenges that school environments do, as well as problems generated from their residences and living quarters. There is also a higher instance of mold and mildew because of the maintenance issues multiple buildings of varying ages present. While some products work well on some specific challenges very few are effective on all air quality issues, especially mold and mildew. Envirozone products have been proven effective on almost all airborne odours and organic particles and are the perfect choice for colleges and universities.
When you combine Envirozone UV Ozone treatments with the regular cleaning and maintenance of classrooms, dormitories and campus buildings you significantly improve the overall air quality and reduce the issues associated with mold and mildew. Mold, in particular, has been associated with serious health concerns in homes, offices and public buildings and Envirozone UV Ozone products help to minimize airborne spores.

Universities are concerned over air quality issues, many commissioning studies to work out ways to improve overall air quality in their institutions. Envirozone UV Ozone products are a part of the solution to keeping the learning environment fresh and clean.


Hospitals are generally regarded as some of the cleanest and some of the dirtiest places in any urban centre. Clean because of the rigorous and continuous cleaning regimen, dirty because of the diseases and illnesses of the people they treat.
When you have a concentration of people who are sick and a constant flow of people coming in and out to visit or treat them there is a high likelihood that some illnesses will spread. Some are spread by contact, some are spread by air and others by food or fluids. Envirozone combination UV Ozone and Germicidal products are an ideal choice by hospital administrators to help in the battle against the spread of illnesses.

Our combination machines are effective at killing airborne and surface bacteria, viruses and odours with the germicidal component helping to sterilize the area being treated. They are an essential tool for hospital cleaning staff in the ongoing battle to provide and maintain a safe environment where people can heal without worry.