Sports Facilities

If you are athletically inclined or frequent any athletic clubhouse there is no doubt about where you are or what you are doing – there is a distinct aroma associated with physical activity. Its easy to spot, difficult to ignore and even harder to get rid of. Fortunately for you, Envirozone is here to help.

Envirozone UV Ozone generators efficiently remove odour causing particles from the air and from surfaces, like lockers, shower stalls washrooms and equipment rooms. The ozone bonds to the particle and oxidizes it permanently, removing the smell from the area being treated. There are models available to treat large and small areas with the choice of higher or lower Ozone saturations. Perfect for any room or clubhouse and the sports you play.


Having a cabin to go to is a pleasure and a chore all at once. It’s great to be able to get away and unwind but there is usually work to be done once you get there cleaning up after the unwanted guests; rodents, insects or bigger critters. Maybe the roof was leaking and now you have mold and mildew.
Envirozone UV Ozone generators are extremely portable and versatile. They work off 110v so if you are on the power grid, have a grounded generator or use solar and batteries with a grounded high output inverter you can quickly and easily remove the smells and get back to enjoying your time away.

Just remove the source of the odour, cover or remove any plants or electrical equipment, make sure any pets are out and turn on the machine and wait outside on your deckchair until the treatment is complete. Half an hour after the treatment is done you will be ready to enjoy your cabin again.


Boats are magnets for mold and mildew by the very nature of their design and purpose. They are either in the water or out in the weather. Water always finds its own level so no matter how well you think you have cleaned and dried inside and out there is always water somewhere just waiting for the right spore to come along and start a family.

Mold and mildew are some of the hardest biological odour causing contaminants to clean the air and get rid of. Our Envirozone UV Ozone machines are designed to work in spaces that aren’t conventional rooms. After the main source of the mold and mildew is cleaned and removed, the machine can be installed where it will circulate the ozone so it penetrates into every nook and cranny, seeking out and destroying any remaining mold and mildew residue in the process.


Camping trips and RV’s in particular, are sources of many unpleasant fragrances that permeate into the walls, fabrics and plastics of the RV. Campfires, cooking smells, holding tanks and sleeping areas all contribute to that unique combination called RV Air.

Chemical cleaners and air fresheners can’t restore the RV to clean air. They are only good for surface cleaning and masking the offending smells. Only Envirozone UV Ozone generators can return your RV’s air quality to clear and fresh. Our machines not only work on airborne contaminants but on surfaces as well, often able to remove odours that have penetrated into the fabrics and materials of the RV.

Trailers and Campers

Trailers and campers come in many sizes and many forms; fiberglass trailers, tent trailers, pop-up campers, solid campers, camperettes and fold outs. For all these different types, they all have one thing in common, they are all outdoors and in the weather.
It doesn’t matter if they are being used or just stored till the next time the constant exposure to the elements gives mold and mildew the perfect place to grow and thrive. Any one who owns or has owned a trailer or camper know that before you can use it there is a lot of work that needs to be done to get it liveable again.

Envirozone UV Ozone generators are ideally suited to remove the staleness and musk from the air, fabric and surfaces in trailers and campers as their size, ease of use and portability mean they can be used anywhere, in any space.