The largest quantity of smells we have in our homes originates from the kitchen. Every food we work with has its own aroma and we create new combinations every time we cook. Some are pleasant, others are not, and they all remain for days on end. Add garbage and food waste to the mix and it won’t take long to have a pong in the kitchen that no one can work in.

Envirozone UV Ozone machines can restore your kitchen’s air to the way it should be – clean and fresh. Not only will our products remove the airborne particles but they are also very effective at neutralizing odour molecules that have attached themselves to surfaces like counters, curtains, walls and ceilings. Ozone doesn’t mask the problem, it gets rid of it.


Basements are special areas as they are usually partially underground and are more likely to be cooler and damp. Dampness is mold and mildews best friend, providing a perfect environment for them to grow and spread. Envirozone UV Ozone products are the best solution for your mold and mildew wafting scent.

Once the source of the problem has been discovered and removed you can let our Ozone generator do the rest. The ozone bonds with the mold and mildew spores neutralizing them so they can’t land in another area and start growing again. Envirozone efficiently removes any lingering particles from the air and surfaces making the air in your basement odour and particle free.


Homes with crawl spaces have their own set of issues with air quality. A crawl space is the perfect place for rodents and small animals to call home as they are generally dry, protected from the elements and significantly warmer than natural open areas.

With small creatures come some big stenches that make their way into your home. Urine and feces are special stinks that hard to get rid of. They soak into clothing, fabric, carpet, paper – almost anything in your home and its all carried by the air. Envirozone combination UV Ozone and Germicidal machines can tackle the issues of the smells while maintaining a healthy environment in one. The Ozone clears the air of the odours, the germicidal lamp kills any germs and bacteria that your unwanted guests may have brought with them.


We all have to go. We all produce gas and some of our gas smells worse than others. Add to it the dampness of used towels, wet counters, mold and mildew from tiles and drywall and you have a collection of aromas that aren’t the most pleasant.

Even though your bathroom may be small or awkward in size our machines can clear the air so you can breathe freely again. There are no harsh chemicals, no labour intensive set-up is involved; just clean, place, plug in. turn on and leave. Once the treatment is done you will notice a marked improvement in how your bathroom smells.


If you were to select one room in your home that would be the least affected by aromas you’d probably say the bedroom. The truth is the bedroom has all sorts of smells, just not as intense as some of the other rooms in your home.

Our bedrooms are where we sleep, change from our dirty clothes into clean ones, store our dirty clothes until we get them into the laundry, where our shoes come off our feet onto our shoe racks and for those people with dogs or cats where their pets curl up with them at night. Yes, the bedroom can be quite a collection of smells. Envirozone can take care of them all. You still have to do the laundry though.


A typical garage will be the multi purpose utility room of the house. It may be the mechanic shop, the woodshop, garbage storage area, recycling sorting area or a multitude of other things besides being the place where you park your car. All of these generate their own particular scent.

Because of Envirozone’s Patented UV bulbs and their ability to produce Ozone at 99.9% efficiency our machines are capable of tackling odours and eliminating all but a small percentage of them. Even the waft of transmission oil and antifreeze is no match for Envirozone UV Ozone generators.


Garden and storage sheds are generally musty smelling as they are unheated, fully exposed to the elements and are used to store outdoor tools and equipment. This makes them prone to mold and mildew.

Envirozone machines are some of the most effective Ozone generators on the market today, capable of eliminating mold and mildew spores. They work extremely well in smaller spaces particularly areas that are susceptible to mold and mildew because of the ozone’s ability to penetrate places where chemical treatments can’t. You still have to locate and clean the source, Envirozone will take care of what’s left in the air.

Laundry Room

Laundry is always a challenge. Not the washing, the having to put up with the smell as you load the washer. A laundry room is also another wet room in the house so it can also be a home for mold and mildew. Moisture stays on the washer drum and door seals, dampness can be present on the floor due to leaking hoses or pumps and the drain and the floor drain always has some water in it.

Ozone is a proven method of removing mold and mildew from the air and contact surfaces. It attaches itself to the spores and particles in the same way it treats odours. Envirozone machines are the best at what they do.