4 Sources

The 4 most common sources of damage to homes and businesses are from fire, water (flooding or breaks in pipes), mold and odours. Our Envirozone products are your first choice in restoring air quality to damaged rooms or buildings.

If you have ever had the misfortune of having had a fire, broken water pipes or flooding or even unwanted guests like rodents and small animals you know and understand the impact that these have on the property and air quality. Smoke gets into everything, water leaches into walls and drywall where mold and other bacteria can grow and animal smells from fur, feces, urine and decay are almost impossible to mask or remove with chemical products. Restoration companies rely on Ozone and specifically Envirozone’s unique patented technology to provide clean fresh odor free air as the final stage in large and small projects.

Ozone to the Rescue

Ozone permanently neutralizes almost all organic odour molecules that are present in porous surfaces, such as smoke and cooking smells, bacteria and fungus. It is the primary tool used to remove protein based smells caused by decay of dead tissue and animal waste products.
Once the physical work of repairing the affected areas has been completed and all the damaged pieces have been replaced then the important task of restoring air quality begins. Envirozone Ozone machines are UV Ozone Generators providing safe, efficient zone treatment for small rooms, to whole buildings. They work fast and efficiently to clear the air of any lingering mold from moisture damage, smoke damage and animal residue and can be used as stand alone machines or in multiples, depending on the size of the room and the intensity of the smell. Combination models are not only Ozone Generators but Germicidal machines as well making them ideal for hospital renovation work

Envirozone machines are the workhorses restoration companies rely on to make “life smell great again” and to make your restoration project complete.